Meet the Distillers

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Meet the Distillers

Crystal Ridge Distillery | Hot Springs, AR

Built out of a desire to create jobs for their home community and leverage a father’s hidden talent, Crystal Ridge Distillery launched their business with construction and renovation of Hot Springs “The Old Country Store” in downtown, showcasing the beauty of the 1920’s building. Today they offer not only moonshine, but bourbon, whisky, vodka and canned cocktails.

Delta Dirt Distillery | Helena, AR

Launched in 2021, the Williams family transitioned their family farm business into a new business venture – distilling. In a short amount of time, the Delta Dirt Distillery in Helena, Arkansas has produced award winning spirits and unique, locally inspired liqueurs – including a vodka made from sweet potatoes. 

Fox Trail Distillery | Rogers, AR

Established in 2017, Fox Trail Distillery is the first of its kind in Northwest Arkansas. Fox Trail’s focus is a “culinary approach to spirits production”. Tour and taste their process and craft at their storefront in Rogers.

Hot Springs Distilling | Hot Springs, AR

The distilling roots of this business can be traced back to a father and son trip in 2013, which came to fruition in 2018 when Hot Springs Distilling, LLC was established. Their philosophy is simple: “…take the best practices of some of the more well-known whisky brands and alcohol production techniques from around the world, and combine them in a unique way.”

Macon & Carson | Bentonville, AR

Macon & Carson Apple Brandy originated in Bentonville, AR in 1893 and was once the largest distillery west of the Mississippi River. In 1914, when Prohibition came, the distillery closed its doors for good. In 2016, it resurrected from its historic roots, and today their award-winning brandy is distilled from the spirit of Northwest Arkansas using regionally-sourced apples.

Postmaster Spirits | Newport, AR

Postmaster Spirits is located in the historic post office on Hazel Street in Newport. Launched in 2017, Postmaster procures Trump Tonic Vodka (orange, peach, mixed berry and salted caramel flavors). In their renovated storefront, Postmaster offers tours, cocktails and more.

Rock Town Distillery | Little Rock, AR

Founded in 2010 and located in downtown Little Rock, Rock Town Distillery is the first legal distillery in Arkansas since prohibition. Rock Town has won numerous awards for their grain-to-glass distilled spirits. 


Crystal Ridge owners share about their distillery and its fascinating connections with the past.